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John Fawcett

John Fawcett (1739–1817) was born in Lidget Green, England. He apprenticed in the woolcomb-making industry in Bradford. He was converted after hearing George Whitefield, in an open place at Bradford. In 1764, he became a Baptist preacher at Wainsgate Baptist Church in Yorkshire, England. He was a hymnwriter and wrote the hymn “Blest Be the Tie that Binds.” The inspiration for that hymn happened when he was to leave Wainsgate for a different church in London but after packing all his belongings decided that he couldn’t leave. He was pastor at Wainsgate and Hebden Bridge for 53 years.
Curiosmith features:
Behold the Beauty of the Lord (coming soon)
Booklist of John Fawcett:
  • Advice to Youth; or, the Advantage of Early Piety
  • An Essay on the Wisdom the Equity and the Bounty of Divine Providence
  • Christ Precious to Those Who Believe; a Practical Treatise on Faith and Love
  • Christian Communion
  • Christian's Humble Plea (The); a poem in answer to Dr. Priestly against the Divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ
  • Constitution and Order of a Gospel Church
  • Death of Euminio (The), A Divine Poem
  • Essay on Anger
  • Hints on the Education of Children
  • History of John Wise (The).
  • Life of Oliver Heywood
  • Miscellanea Sacra
  • Poetic Essays
  • Preciousness of Christ to them that Believe (The).
  • Reign of Death (The). Poem
  • Sick Man’s Employ (The), or the Views of Death and Eternity Realized
  • Summary of the Evidences of Christianity (A)
  • Thoughts on Christian Communion
  • Tribute to the Memory of a Young Person (A).
    Hymns by John Fawcett:
    • Infinite Excellence is Thine
    • How Precious is the Book Divine
    • Thus Far My God Hath Led Me On
    • Religion Is the Chief Concern
    • Blest Be the Tie that Binds
    • I My Ebenezer Raise
    • Praise to Thee, Thou Great Creator
    • Behold the Sin-atoning Lamb
    • Infinite excellence Is Thine
    • Jesus, the Heavenly Lover, Gave
    • Lord, Hast Thou Made Me Know Thy Ways!
    • O God, My Helper, Ever Near
    • O, My Soul, What Means this Sadness!
    • Sinners, the Voice of God Regard
    • Thy Presence, Gracious God, Afford
    • Thy Way, O God, Is in the Sea
    • With Humble Heart and Tongue