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James Kennedy

James Kennedy (1818–1898) was born in Ireland. He graduated from Belfast Academy in 1840. After, he attended Seminary of Paisley, Scotland. He was ordained by the Western Presbytery in 1843. He began pastoring in Broadlane and Drimbolg, Ireland from 1843–1870. He married Eliza Conn in 1848. Afterwards he sailed for New York where he was a pastor at the Fourth Reformed Presbyterian congregation for 24 years.

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Behold the Beauty of the Lord (coming soon)

Articles by James Kennedy:

  • Assurance of grace and salvation: what it is and how best attained. (The)
  • Beauty of God. (The)
  • Christ in the Song: An Explanation of all the Figurative Descriptions of Christ in the Song of Solomon.
  • Fifty Years of Foreign Missions.
  • Instrumental Music in Worship.
  • Missionary Spirit. (The)
  • Our Spiritual Senses.
  • Principles of the Sanquhar Declaration.
  • Sabbath School Among the Early Reformers in Scotland.
  • Sanquhar Declaration. (The)
  • Tekel: The Reformed Presbyterian Church and the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Ireland Weighed in the Balance of Truth.