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Isaac Watts

ISAAC WATTS (1674–1748) was born in Southampton, England. His father, a schoolmaster, was jailed twice for his non-conformist faith. Isaac loved to read and attended the free school in Southampton. He started learning Latin at the age of four. He attended Rev. Mr. Thomas Rowe’s Nonconformist Academy at Stoke Newington in London. He started writing poetry at fifteen. He became a preacher at 24, and remained in partnership with Samuel Price, an assistant and later joint pastor. He lived at Abney House with Sir Thomas and Lady Mary. He gave himself to preaching and writing his entire life. He was an industrious hymn writer who wrote over 600 hymns, among many other works.

Curiosmith features:
The Beauties of Dr. Isaac Watts.
A Guide to Prayer.
Divine and Moral Songs for Children.

Isaac Watts booklist:
An Essay on Psalmody
Art of Reading and Writing English (The)
Brief Scheme of Ontology
Catechisms for Children and Youth
Caveat Against Infidelity (A)
Death and Heaven
Defense Against the Temptation to Self-murder (A)
Education of Children and Youth (The)
Way of Instruction by Catechisms (The)
Dissertations Relating to the Christian Doctrine of the Trinity
Divine and Moral Songs for Children
Doctrine of the Passions
Psalms and Hymns
Essays Towards Proof of a Separate State of Souls
Essays Towards the Encouragement of Charity Schools among the Dissenters
Evangelical Discourses
Glory of Christ as God-Man Unveiled
Guide to Prayer (A)
Harmony of all the Religions God Ever Prescribed (The)
Holiness of Times, Places, and People, Under the Jewish and Christian Dispensations, Considered and Compared (The)
Horae Lyricae: Poems Chiefly of the Lyric Kind
Humble Attempt Toward the Revival of Practical Religion Among Christians
Humility Represented in the Character of St. Paul
Improvement of the Mind; or, Supplement to the Art of Logic
Knowledge of the Heavens and the earth Made Easy; or, The First Principals of Geography and Astronomy Explained (The)
Large Catalog of Remarkable Scripture Names (A)
Logick; or, The Right Use of Reason in the Inquiry After Truth
Nine Sermons Preached in the Years 1718-19
On Civil Power in Things Sacred
On the Freedom of the Will in God and in Creatures
Orthodoxy and Charity United
Philosophical Essays on Various Subjects
Posthumous Works: Complied from Papers in Possession of His Immediate Successor: Published by a Gentleman of the University of Cambridge
Posthumous Works: Published from his MSS by David Jennings, D. D. and Philip Doddridge, D. D.
Prayers for Children
Preservative from the Sins and Follies of Youth by Way of Question and Answer (A)
Psalms of David (The)
Questions Proper for Students in Divinity etc
Rational Foundation of a Christian Church (The)
Redeemer and the Sanctifier or The Sacrifice of Christ, and the Operations of the Spirit (The)
Reliquiae Juveniles; or, Miscellaneous Thoughts in Prose and Verse
Ruin and Recovery of Mankind
Self-Love and Virtue Reconciled only by Religion
Sermons on Various Subjects Divine and Moral
Short View of the Whole Scripture history, in Questions and Answers
Strength and Weakness of Human Reason (The)
Treatise on the Love of God and the Use and Abuse of the Passions
Twelve sermons on various subjects
Useful and Important Questions Concerning Jesus the Son of God
World to Come (The)