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F. M. Lupton Publishing Company

Frank Moore Lupton (1854-1910) was born in Mattituck, New York, a city on Long Island. He began his trade apprenticed to a printer at Greenport. Then he worked for printer S. W. Green on Franklin Street in New York. He started a publication called "The Cricket on the Hearth," a 16 page monthly literary journal, with Stuart Hull Moore, which lasted 14 years which was finally merged into "Ladies World." After four years, in 1882, he founded his own company "F. M. Lupton." He incorporated in 1892 and changed the name to "F. M. Lupton Publishing Company." The name changed to "The Federal Book Company" in 1902 to avoid confusion with another company with F. M. Lupton in its name. The company published many reprints of best sellers. He used his millions to build buildings in his hometown. He generously contributed to the Young Men's Christian Association. He loved flowers and gardening.

Source: New York Times Obituary, 1910.

Approximate Addresses:

1880's - No. 27 Park Place, New York; 106 and 108 Reade Street, New York; 63 or 68 Murray Street New York; No. 3 Park Place.

1890's - 72-76 Walker Street; 52-58 Duane Street.

1902 - Nos. 23, 25, 27 City Hall Place; name changed to Federal Book Company.