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Daniel Fanshaw

Daniel Fanshaw (1788–1860) was born in New York City. He learned printing apprenticing at David and George Bruce Printing. In 1816, George Bruce extended him credit until he was successful and Daniel could purchase the printing business from D. & G. Bruce. He was one of the first to use new steam printing presses and new machine made papers. These new technologies greatly increased the amount of material that could be published. He married Mary Ramage, daughter of Adam Ramage, an early printing press builder. He became a Christian as a young man and attended the Reformed Dutch Church. He was very active in different Christian societies. He printed for the American Bible Society (1817–1844), and also for the American Tract Society. He was a founder of the New York Typographical Society. He had a nephew, Daniel Gilbert Fanshaw Class, who was a fine woodcut printer, who carried on some of the business of D. Fanshaw until D.G.F.Class died in 1901. D.G.F. Class & Sons was then carried on until 1910 by sons George Washington Ramage Class and Warren Gilbert Fanshaw Class. This business was then sold to E. S. & W. Barnes.



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