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D. Lothrop and Company

Daniel Lothrop (1831–1892 ) was born in Rochester, New Hampshire. Initially, he worked with his brother James in a drugstore. In 1850, he bought stock of a bookseller in Dover, N.H. and sold the items in his drugstore. After spending time in the Midwest he moved back east and in 1868 opened a publishing house and bookstore at 38 and 40 Cornhill, Boston. He made it a rule to publish books for true and steadfast growth in right living. In 1875, he moved to Franklin and Hawley Street as D. Lothrop & Co. In 1887, the company became D. Lothrop Company, a corporation. He soon moved the business to 364 and 366 Washington Street while the manufacturing and wholesale departments were at 118 and 120 Purchase Street.


  • Father – Daniel Lothrop, the elder. Served in the State Legislature.
  • Mother – Sophia Horne Lothrop.
  • 1st Wife – Ellen J. Morrill.
  • 2nd Wife – Harriett Mulford Stone (pen name Margaret Sidney) Wrote The Five Little Peppers.
  • Brother – James.
  • Brother – John.

Publications of D. Lothrop:

  • Wide Awake.
  • Babyland.
  • Our Little Men and Women.
  • Pansy.
  • Chautauqua Young Folks' Journal.
  • Best Things.