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Claudius Buchanan

CLAUDIUS BUCHANAN (1766–1815) was born in Cambuslang, Scotland. In 1782, he attended  the University of Glasgow a short time, but then had a desire to travel. He then met John Newton and Henry Thornton who sent him to Queen’s College, Cambridge. He was ordained in 1795 and in 1796 appointed Chaplain to the East India Company. Later he became a professor at the College of Fort William. The University of Glasgow conferred on him the degree of D. D. He assisted in translation work of the Scriptures into Chinese and Malaysian.

Curiosmith features:
The Star in the East.

    • An Apology for Promoting Christianity in India
    • Annual Missionary Sermon, before the Church Missionary Society, June 12, 1810
    • Christian Researches in Asia
    • Colonial Ecclesiastical Establishment
    • Commencement Sermons at Cambridge
    • Sketch of an Ecclesiastical Establishment for British India
    • Three Jubilee Sermons
    • Sermons on Interesting Subjects