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Christoph von Schmid

Christoph von Schmid (1768-1854) was born at Dinkelsbühl, Germany, Bavaria. He studied theology at Dillington, and became an ordained priest. He served as an assistant in different parishes and then was placed as head over a large school in Thannhausen on the Mindel. He wrote many children’s stories in German that been translated into English.

Curiosmith features:
The Basket of Flowers. (Paperback)
The Basket of Flowers (Hardcover)

Christoph von Schmid booklist:
Basket of Flowers (The)
Best Inheritance
Birds Nest (The)
Boy and the Man (The)
Cakes (The)
Canary Bird (The)
Captive (The)
Carrier Pigeon (The)
Cherries (The)
Christian Warrior (The): A tale
Christmas Eve and Other Tales
Daisy (The)
Dumb Girl (The)
Easter Eggs (The)
Fire in the Sky
Forget-me-not (The)
Honesty the Best Policy; or, The Hop Blossoms: A Tale for the Young
Inheritance (The)
Lamb (The)
Little Daniel: A Story of a Flood on the Rhine
Little Hermit (The); or, The German Robinson Crusoe
Little Lamb (The)
Little Scholar’s First Step in Reading (The)
Lost Ruby (The)
Madonna (The)
Nightingale (The); or, A Kind Act is Never Lost
Orphan Child (The); or, The Story of Little Sophia
Paulina, The Foundress of an Infant School: A Tale
Pet Lamb (The); or, the Little Strawberry Girl
Redbreast (The)
Rosa of Linden Castle
Rose-bush (The)
Stolen Child (The)
White Dove (The)
Young Artist (The): A Story of Christmas Eve