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Alexander Balloch Grosart

Alexander Balloch Grosart (1827–1899) was born at Stirling, Scotland. He was educated at the University of Edinburgh. In 1856, he was a pastor at the United Presbyterian Church of Kinross. In 1865, he pastored at Princess Park, Liverpool, and in 1868 at Mount Street Presbyterian Church, Blackburn whose congregation moved to St. George’s Church in Preston New Road. He was also an historical and literary writer who was prolific in printing literary collections. He had a special interest in Puritan theology and edited works by Richard Sibbes, Thomas Brooks, and Herbert Palmer. He is the editor of The Fuller Worthies' Library (39 vol.), The Chertsey Worthies' Library (14 vol.), Early English Poets (9 vol.), Occasional Issues of Unique and Very Rare Books (38 vol.), and The Huth Library (29 vol.).

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