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Precious Chain of Books #4 - 151 years ago

Charles Doe Dr. Thomas Precious Chain of Books reading

From: A Cyclopaedia of Illustrations of Moral and Religious Truths: Consisting of Definitions, Metaphors, Similes, Emblems, Contrasts, Analogies, Statistics, Synonyms, Anecdotes, etc. etc. by John Bate, 1865.

The Influence of Good Books by Dr. Thomas.

 It is recorded that Bunny's "Resolution" roused Richard Baxter to concern, and Sibbes' "Bruised Reed" led him to the Saviour. Baxter then wrote the "Call to the Unconverted," which was blessed to Philip Doddridge, who afterwards wrote the "Rise and Progress of Religion in the Soul." This book gave the first religious impressions to William Wilberforce, then M.P. for the county of York, who produced the "Practical View of Christianity," which was blessed to Lady Colquhoun, whose Christian efforts are recorded in her biography by Rev. Dr. Hamilton; it was also blessed to the Rev. Leigh Richmond, who in his turn wrote the "Dairyman's Daughter" and "Young Cottager," which We have been the means of saving many souls. The "Practical View" was further instrumental in bringing Thomas Chalmers to knowledge of the truth; and who can estimate the effects of his eloquence and the worth of his books?

 Note the addition of:

  1. Bunny's Resolution - Edmund Bunny (1540–1619) was an Anglican churchman of Calvinist views. Full title: A booke of Christian exercise : appertaining to resolution, that is, shewing how that vve should resolue our selues to become Christians indeede.
  2. Practical View of Christianity goes to Lady Colquhoun, Legh Richmond, and Thomas Chalmers.
  3. Is Dr. Thomas the original author of this piece?

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