Urbané and His Friends by Elizabeth Prentiss.

In the latter part of this year [1874] Urbane and His Friends appeared. Urbane is an aged pastor and his Friends are members of his flock, whom he had invited to meet him from week to week for Christian counsel and fellowship. Some of their names, Antiochus, Hermes, Junia, Claudia, Apelles and the like, sound rather strange, but, together with those more familiar, they are all borrowed from the New Testament. Urbane and His Friends is the only book of a didactic sort written by Mrs. Prentiss. It is not, however, wholly didactic, but contains also touches of narrative and character that add to its interest. Among the topics discussed are: The Bible, Temptation, Faith, Prayer, the Mystics, "Higher Christian Life," Service, Pain and Sorrow , Peace and Joy ,the Indwelling Christ. She was dissatisfied with the work and required some persuasion before she would consent to its being published. But its spiritual tone, its tenderness, its "sweet reasonableness, "and the bright little pictures of Christian truth and life, which enliven its pages, have led some to prize it more than any other of her writings.—The Life and Letters of Elizabeth Prentiss (1882).