Aunt Jane's Hero by Elizabeth Prentiss.

Aunt Jane's Hero was published in 1871. It is hardly inferior to Stepping Heavenward in its pictures of life and character, or in the wisdom of its teaching. The object of the book is to depict a home whose happiness flows from the living Rock, Christ Jesus. It protests also against the extravagance and other evils of the times, which tend to check the growth of such homes, and aims to show that there are still treasures of love and peace on earth, that may be bought without money and without price.—The Life and Letters of Elizabeth Prentiss (1882).

Aunt Jane was a widow who was rich with wisdom and advice for everyone she knew. Horace was injured in the Civil War which helped turn his soul to God. Because of Aunt Jane's advice, Horace courageously went ahead with his marriage plans while having little means to support a family. Horace and Maggie demonstrated a lifestyle that showed what is important in life: two hearts that loved each other and God. They did not have many material possessions, but they valued their riches in Christ. Aunt Jane said to Horace, "The truth is, I want you to set an example to the hosts of young men who are living unsatisfactory, bachelor, boarding-house lives. In nine cases out of ten pride lies at the bottom of these lives. Because they can't begin where their fathers and mothers left off, they won't begin at all. They dry up and stagnate for want of an object."—Curiosmith (2013).

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