What is a Chapbook?

   The name chapbook comes from many years ago when street vendors called "chapmen" (tradesman) sold inexpensive paperback booklets in the streets of villages, hamlets and towns. They were small booklets, about 5½ by 3½ inches in length, and from 2 to 24 pages. They were made from coarse paper, starting out with a larger piece of paper that has been folded and tied together with string. The subjects of these tracts varied widely from religious material to stories and politics. Modern chapbooks are predominately used to publish poetry.

   Curiosmith has adopted this format as an ideal way to bring shorter stories and tracts to the customer. The subject matter we choose has a foundation in the Christian gospel. We use 24# paper and a heavier glossy cover that is stapled together to form a booklet of 8½″X 5½″ in size.