• Heart Life

    Heart LifeHeart Life by Theodore L. Cuyler.

    The book includes 28 devotions, with a focus of a fervent heart-walk with God. Rev. Cuyler states that singing a great hymn has potential to significantly change a heart. Affliction should be joined to prayer and then trust in God’s answer: “If it is not best that he lift off your load, he will give you grace to carry it.” Test actions by: “where a Christian would be ashamed to have his Master find him, there he ought never to find himself . . . conscientiously ask God’s blessing on what he is doing, there let that Christian go. He is not likely to wander over the line while walking by this rule.” Rev. Cuyler offers “a few counsels for the right keeping of the heart and the right conduct of the Christian life.”

    Paperback 6X9, 106 pages. Amazon.com link; ISBN  9781935626527

  • Help and Good Cheer

    Help and Good CheerHelp and Good Cheer by Theodore L. Cuyler.

    Dr. Cuyler addresses various topics to help a person see the light from God that has been obscured by the world. The 25 chapters are meant to nourish and cheer many souls. “It is according to God’s established economy that we should be exposed to temptations, and often to trials which threaten to drive us to despair. All this is to teach us our dependence upon Him.” “And oh, how often God surprises us after a long day of struggles and discouragements by a glorious outburst of light at evening time!”

    Paperback 6X9; 114 pages; Amazon.com link; ISBN 9781941281536

  • Wayside Springs from the Fountain of Life

    Wayside SpringsWayside Springs from the Fountain of Life by Theodore L. Cuyler.

    The twenty-five devotional chapters teach Biblical passages and apply them to life. In chapter one Dr. Cuyler describes Israel’s journey from Egypt to Canaan when they obeyed in faith and sang the song “Spring up O well! Sing ye unto him!” with their lips but also dug the well with their shovels. Through the triple process of praying, digging (actions) and singing praise we learn that God provided. Dr. Cuyler teaches that every Christian should be involved in all three types of behavior as they seek God. The title of the book, “Wayside Springs” is God bringing blessing no matter how dry the desert, and the “Fountain of Life” is the crystal stream that flows out of the throne of God and of the Lamb.

    Paperback 6X9, 104 pages, ISBN 9781941281512; Amazon.com link.