Sarah Schoonmaker Baker Book Descriptions

Emily and Uncle Hanse

Emily and Uncle Hanse by Sarah Schoonmaker Baker.


Little Emily Lester was orphaned by the accidental death of her parents and she is taken to live with her stern and cold old Uncle Hanse. Mrs. Bird, a niece of Uncle Hanse, helps to raise Emily taught her of Christ. When Emily spills ink on Uncle Hanse's books, she is given the grace to ask for forgiveness straightforwardly, and this touches Uncle Hanse's heart and a bond is formed between them. Emily goes on to help Uncle Hanse think more about service to others instead of making more money. The Spirit of Christ grows among several people because of Emily's influence. In the end, Uncle Hanse turns out to be a compassionate  leader of the community.—Curiosmith (2010)


The power of Christian love in an adopted child.—American Tract Society (1860).