S. W. Partridge & Co.

S. W. Partridge & Co., 9 Paternoster Row, London.


Samuel William Partridge (1810-1903) was born in London, England. He began his printing career as a reader at "Woodfall & Kinder." He subsequently joined Mr. Daniel Oakley to form "Partridge & Oakley." After this partnership dissolved he reorganized under the name "S. W. Partridge & Co." Mr. S. W. Partridge retired in 1882. Mr. Partridge was also an author of poetry and hymns and most notably wrote "Upward and Onward," a book of Christian poetry.

Daniel F. Oakley (?-1865) was a bookseller, publisher, printer, and stationer. He originally published under the name "Daniel F. Oakley."


Works by Samuel Partridge:

  • Upward and Onward
  • An Idea of a Christian
  • Our English Months
  • Voices from the Garden
  • Lever Lines for Spare Minutes


Hymns written by Samuel Partridge:

  • How Dearly God Must Love Us
  • Thou Who hast in Mercy Blest


Partridge published many Christian books:

  •        The Little Woodman and His Dog Caesar
  •        Illustrated Missionary News
  •       Christian Work of the News of the Churches
  •        Martin Luther the Reformer


Source and Obituary:

"The Publishers' Circular and Booksellers' Record of British and Foreign Literature," Volume 79. London: Sampson Low, Marston & Co., 1903.