American Sunday-School Union

The American Sunday-School Union"The First Day Society," a society to reform the use of Sunday (and other days) by teaching from the Bible, began in 1790. Many Sunday-school societies were formed and the "Sunday and Adult School Union," changed its name to the "American Sunday school Union" in 1824. Their main job was to establish schools, but they became a very active publisher as well.


Policy of The American Sunday-School Union:

No books are published by the American Sunday-School Union without the sanction of the Committee of Publication, consisting of fourteen members, from the following denominations of Christians, viz. Baptist, Methodist, Congregationalist, Episcopal, Presbyterian, Lutheran and Reformed Dutch. Not more than three of the members can be of the same denomination, and no book can be published to which any member of the Committee shall object. 


Interesting people involved in this work:

  • Francis Scott Key - manager (Star Spangled Banner)
  • Samuel Austin Allibone - editor (Bibliographer)
  • Grace Livingston Hill Lutz - author
  • Lucy Ellen Guernsey - author


  • American Sunday-School Magazine (1924)
  • American Sunday-School Union Quarterly (1880)
  • Bible Dictionary
  • Child's World
  • Illustrated Treasury of Knowledge (1882)
  • Infants' Magazine  (1829)
  • Judson's Questions
  • Junior Quarterly begun (1917)
  • Little People's Lesson Pictures
  • People's Paper (1888)
  • Picture World (successor to Child's World)
  • Primary Quarterly
  • Quarterly Review Paper
  • Scholars' Companion (1878-79)
  • Scholars' Handbook (1874-89)
  • Scholars' Magazine
  • Sunday Hour (1883)
  • Sunday-School at Home (1915)
  • Sunday-School Banner (1859)
  • Sunday-School Gazette
  • Sunday-School Journal and Advocate of Christian Education
  • Sunday-School Magazine
  • Sunday-School Times (1859)
  • Sunday-School World (1861)
  • Superintendents' Review Paper
  • Teachers' Offering
  • Truth in Life (1882)
  • Union Primer
  • Young People's Paper (1891)
  • Youth's Friend
  • Youth's Penny Gazette (1842)
  • Youth's Sunday-School Gazette
  • Youth's World

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