Butler & Tanner Ltd.

A printer for mostly religious content.


1844 – William Thomas Butler joined William Langford in a printing business in Frome.

1845 – W. T. Butler began printing in Frome.

1854 – moved to Selwood Printing Works.

1863 – Joseph Tanner becomes a partner.

1867 – W. T. Butler retires.

1895 – Joseph Tanner died and sons Russell and Lanfear took over.

1923 – Lanfear Tanner dies and Russell Tanner took over. Cousin Donald was a managing director.

1927 – Donald Tanner died.

1928 –  Russell Tanner died. Humphry Tanner was the chairman.

1950 – Humphry Tanner dies and Captain C. C. Flemming is director.

1969 – Joe Tanner becomes chairman. Joe Tanner dies in 2006.

1981 – Mike Harmon becomes Managing Director.

2006 – Felix Dennis rescues the company with a cash infusion. The name changes to Butler Tanner and Dennis.


See the company's website for a very complete history: