Isabella Alden's Book Descriptions

Victorian Era Evangelical Literature

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"We mention first the Pansy Books. These lead naturally from the fact that Pansy is herself a leader. She inspires with her enthusiasm, she wins with her sympathy. Her characters are real live people, such as one meets every day. They have the trials, perplexities, joys of actual life, and Pansy brings them out of troubles such as fall to ordinary mortals in a way that helps, cheers, guides and builds up character."—Lothrop Publishing Company (1893).


Wise and Otherwise by Pansy.

Church work and internal troubles in the church successfully treated. Some of the old favorites in "Ester Ried" reappear here.—Lothrop Publishing Company (1893).


Yesterday Framed in Today: A Story of the Christ, and How Today Received Him by Pansy.

Other writers have attempted to portray the actions of the world of today should Christ appear in it to labor, heal, and bless as he did in the yesterday of nineteen centuries ago. Pansy has placed him there. Her book is unlike anything else in print. Into the today of railroads and telegraphs, phonographs and electric lights, she brings a central figure—Jesus the Christ. The announcement of this remarkable book will create alike curiosity and desire on the part of those who have followed the marvellous development of the Pansy books—all of them ministers for good along practical, helpful, spiritual lines.—Lothrop Publishing Company (1899).