A Modern Sacrifice: The Story of Kissie Gordon's Experiment by Pansy.

The death of Kissie Gordon's father, who was a clergyman, deprives Kissie and her mother of almost their only means of support, and forces them to accept the hospitality of Mrs. Gordon's sister, Mrs. Merchant. Mrs. Merchant is a worldly woman, enjoying life in the conventional way, and encouraging her children to do likewise. Kissie for a time is drawn into the whirl, but the strong views of her father and mother against dancing, cards, extravagance in dress, etc., that had been early instilled Into her, come again to the front and a conflict ensues. This is the motive of the story and the reason of Kissie's sacrifice.—Lothrop Publishing Company (1899).

A new "Pansy book" is always welcome, and this story of gentle Kissie Gordon, and how she made her life of help and value to others, will prove an incentive to right thinking; and right living, which all young people may study with profit, as they will certainly read it with interest. —Lothrop Publishing Company (1899).