As in a Mirror: A Story of Experiences by Pansy.

A strong and searching story in Pansy's well-known vein, as a teacher of practical righteousness.—Lothrop Publishing Company (1899).

In this story "Pansy" (Mrs. G. R. Alden) has departed somewhat from her usual way. She confines herself more strictly to one distinct ethical purpose and treats all her events and characters in their relation to it. John Stuart King, a young man of fortune and an author of distinction, starts out to learn by experience the life of a tramp, after the manner of Wyckoff. He soon, however, finds regular employment as Farmer Elliott's "hired man." Unfortunately for peace of conscience, Hindreth, the elder daughter, is a person of absolute sincerity, and by her subtle influence the little and great deceptions of her associates come to light. There is a lost will; there is much trifling with truth before the outcome; but secrets are laid bare at last, as the parties see themselves "as in a mirror." Despite some extravagant situations, it is one of authors best books.—The Literary World (1898).