An Hour with Miss Streator by Pansy.

Miss Streator is a type of the faithful, intelligent and sensitive primary class teacher in hundreds of Sunday-schools, whose efforts are little appreciated by church people generally, whose enthusiasm is misunderstood, and who have many hours in which they are tempted to abandon their labor of love in despair. To all such this intensely interesting little monograph will be a genuine inspiration, while to the thoughtless disparagers of faithful toilers it will bear most useful lessons.—The Publisher's Weekly (1884).

The introduction from the book says—"This simple sketch [for Sunday-school teachers] is, I think, full of encouragement, and will help us, I am sure, to go forth with more earnestness and faith, 'bearing precious seed,' and to 'wait,' if need be, 'in patience,' ''till the fair harvest come.'" One class led by Miss Streator is recorded for study. This Sunday-school class had many interruptions, distractions and problems. The children's lives were followed up years later and much more had happened than was observed.—Curiosmith (2013).

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