O. F. Walton Book Descriptions

A Peep Behind the Scenes

A Peep Behind the Scenes by O. F. Walton.

Everyone knows what to expect from the authoress of "Christie's Old Organ." Our lady reviewer tells us that it is a darling book, full of gospel and full of life. It is the story of a child who lived in a travelling cart. "There now," says the lady, "if ever you do praise a tale, be sure to say the kindest things possible for this story, for it is one of the sweetest and most gracious ever written."—C. H. SPURGEON, in the Sword and Trowel (1905).

This is a tale quite after our own heart, for whilst the life of Rosalie, the heroine, will be followed with interest, it will show what sadness and sin often underlie the gay outer life of actors and actresses. We do not know for what particular age this tale is most suitable. It is just one of those books which will be asked for from our librarians by both senior and junior scholars.—Sunday School Chronicle (1905). 

 The book is thoroughly interesting from beginning to end.—Church Sunday School Magazine (1905).