O. F. Walton Book Descriptions

Doctor Forester

Doctor Forester by O. F. Walton.

The author of "Christie's Old Organ" has laid the scene of her latest story at an out-of-the-way spot on the Welsh coast, and she has woven a pretty love episode around the sacking of an underground apartment at Hildick Castle of treasure that had been hidden at the time of the dispersal of the Armada. Rumours of its existence had been handed down from father to son, but a "crook" having obtained the key to the hiding place carried off the valuables, this almost giving rise to a tragedy. Dr. Forester is one of the visitors to the village, where he meets unexpectedly with a number of friends—his "ideal"—who are all in some degree interested in the castle doings. Mrs. Walton's story is capitally told and well worked out.—The Liverpool Daily Courier (1905).

The story is a strong one all through, as well as bright, natural, and high-toned.—The Glasgow Herald (1905).

The story is a well-told one, and splendidly illustrated.—The English Churchman (1905).

This is the romance of a haunted castle, in which there occur many complications and exciting adventures. These include a treasure hunt, kidnapping, and criminal deeds of various kinds. A thread of well-handled sensationalism and mystery runs throughout the tale, the narration of which is deftly done.—Western Daily Press (1905).