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The Watchmaker and His Family

The Watchmaker and His FamilyThe Watchmaker and His Family by Caesar Malan.

The watchmaker put in long hours, but suddenly stopped at midnight on Saturday. His observance of the Sabbath forbade him to continue. When a client wanted his watch fixed, his faith was tested, and he faced ridicule when a man wanted the work done on Sunday or he will go elsewhere. This true account is a great example of a Sabbath keeper maintaining his beliefs, and the blessing God gave as a result. The key concepts involved are Sabbath keeping and alcoholism.

American Tract Society description: This tract was translated from the French of Rev. Caesar Malan, of Geneva, for the Religious Tract Society, London, who have "sufficient evidence that they are founded on facts and essentially correct representations of what actually occurred.” An entertaining narrative, showing how scrupulously the Watchmaker observed the Sabbath when almost compelled to its violation; his exemplary Christian deportment in his family, with the history of his early life and conversion.

Paperback 4X6, 58 pages, 1 illustration, Look inside at, ISBN 9781941281925; Vintage Chapbook Series


The German Cripple

The German CrippleThe German Cripple by The American Tract Society

James, a severely crippled man near Rottenstein, Germany was taken care of by a shepherd's widow and then by a young clergyman. This story discusses James' example of positive attitudes toward severe hardship. With little to give materially, James, by the grace of God, gave much in other ways.

The German Cripple was translated from the original German into several languages and published by the Religious Tract Society and American Tract Society in the early nineteenth century.

Paperback 4X6, 50 pages, 1 illustration, ISBN 9781941281970, Look Inside at; Vintage Chapbook Series



CasseyCassy by Hesba Stretton.

Young Cassy set forth from her forest camp alone and made a dear friend of a crippled man. She found employment with a rather odd family in London and met a grandfather convinced he is a character in The Pilgrims Progress. Cassy passionately searched for the truth about God's existence.

This edition contains the bonus short story "A Man of His Word" by Hesba Stretton.

Paperback, 7 illus., 155 p., link; ISBN  9780981750545; LCCN  2009939229


Golden Threads: Selected Stories

Golden ThreadsGolden Threads by Helen C. Knight.

Golden Threads was a book of moral stories published c1866, by Mrs. Helen C. Knight. The 63 selections gleaned for this edition are selected for their Christian gospel content. Most all are moral parables that teach Biblical principals and are intended for families with older children.

Paperback, 25 illustrations, 178 pages.

ISBN  9780981750538; LCCN  2008942164; link

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Jessica's First Prayer

Jessica's First PrayerJessica's First Prayer by Hesba Stretton.

Jessica, an inquisitive barefoot girl, took an interest in the coffee stall run by Daniel. Following Daniel into a strange building she began an adventure that will change her life. Jessica knows little about God's love, but has an inquisitive mind showing that a person who seeks eventually finds God. This is one of Hesba Stretton's most popular tales, a touching story first published in 1867.

Paperback, 9 illus., 54 p.; ISBN  9780981750521; LCCN  2008939470; link


Ben's Lady

Ben's LadyBen's Lady by Ruth Lamb.

Young Ben Ashton works the street, earning a "copper" as a package carrier. A lady customer takes an interest in Ben and helps him prosper. A rescued homeless man known only by his bed number becomes very important. This Victorian children's story, written in 1889, by Ruth Lamb, portrays unconditional Christian love and the power of prayer.

Paperback, 1 Illustration, 58 pages.

ISBN  9780981750514; LCCN  2008929398; link

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Ursula's Beginnings

Ursula's BeginningsUrsula's Beninnings by Howe Benning.

Nineteen years old and from a small town, Ursula finds seminary a delight. While home for the summer she puzzles over what to make of herself. This Christian story written by Howe Benning, in 1884, portrays the tension between Ursula's own desires and God's plans for her. Engaging with friends, family, and neighbors, she embarks on adventures which test her independence. The parting words of Miss Elno, her seminary teacher, "simply follow Jesus" echo in her mind, as God surprises her with new beginnings.

Paperback, 4 illus., 164 pages, ISBN  9780981750507; LCCN  2008933167; link

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