According to Promise

According to PromiseAccording to Promise: The Lord's Method of Dealing with His Chosen People by Charles H. Spurgeon.

Spurgeon discusses many aspects of the promises of God. What are the promises of God? Who are the promises for? Where can you find them? Why does God give promises for the future that require faith? "There can be no true believer apart from the promise of grace, and the grace of the promise." Spurgeon discusses how important Jesus is to God's promises, and that God promises salvation and eternal life to all who believe on his Son. "If God does not give to us according to the riches of his grace, we are then worse than naked, and poor, and miserable; we are utterly and altogether undone." This book is a companion volume to "All of Grace."

Paperback 6X9, 118 pages. Amazon,com link; ISBN 9781935626831