The Crew of the Dolphin

cotd1 1The Crew of the Dolphin by Hesba Stretton.

Captain Norcott talked Peter Blake into sailing on his ship, but Peter was concerned about the soundness of the vessel. After the launch it was determined not to be the real Dolphin ship and sailor's lives were dependent upon a business owner whose only concern was to make money. This greediness resulted in many ships and crews being lost for the collection of their insurance, but how can restitution be made? What becomes of the women left behind? An important Bible verse is Isaiah 40:12—"Who hath measured the waters in the hollow of his hand, and meted out heaven with the span, and comprehended the dust of the earth in a measure, and weighed the mountains in scales, and the hills in a balance?"

Paperback 6X9, 118 pages, 5 illustrations. Amazon,com link; ISBN 9781935626725