The Basket of Flowers

The Basket of FlowersThe Basket of Flowers: Piety and Truth Triumphant by Christoph von Schmid.

Translated by Gregory Townsend Bedell.

The grand truth which the story is intended to illustrate is that "piety to God and truth towards men shall never fail to triumph over the malice of the worst of foes." James, the father tells parables about life using his garden as a metaphor. When he made a basket, Mary filled it with beautiful flowers and gave it to the Countess for her birthday. When the diamond ring was missing Mary was accused and the drama begins. Many times a faith in Divine Providence is relied upon and that "God knows how to turn to our advantage the ill which our enemies design to do us."

Paperback 6X9, 118 pages, 4 illustrations. link; ISBN 9781935626558