Toils and Triumphs: Missionary Work in the World's Dark Places

Toils and TriumphsToils and Triumphs: Missionary Work in the World's Dark Places by Harriett Warner Ellis.

The purpose of this book is "to awaken in the heart of every true Christian an earnest desire to aid in so glorious a cause." It portrays the historic adventures of missionaries of many denominations, in many parts the world. Typically, the initial work of sowing the "seed" might be followed by the results happening years afterward. The book begins with Adoniram and Ann Judson, newly married, boarding the ship Craven, and sailing eight months to Calcutta. Other missionaries include Samuel Marsden, Hans Egede, John Hunt, Hans Haven, John Eliot, Robert Moffet and William Milne. A large chapter covers womens' influence in running schools for children. Huge setbacks, in human plans are often met with an equally huge faith in God. Unfriendly governments, cruelty and cannibalism and other circumstances so adverse that some prayed that "they might have faith to believe that in this unlikely way He [God] would prosper His own cause."

Paperback 6X9, 190 pages. link; ISBN  9781935626510

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