The African Servant, The Cottage Conversation, and A Visit to the Infirmary

The African ServantThe African Servant, The Cottage Converstation and A Visit to the Infirmary by Legh Richmond.

Legh Richmond was called upon by a naval officer, who had an African servant that desired to be baptized. He proceeded to interview William and found that he had a firm grasp of Christian principals and was indeed worthy of baptism. Impressed with his simple sincere religion, Rev. Richmond took him to a meeting with other Christians. He spoke of his unworthiness and all hearts warmed to him. "This I do know, he was a monument to the Lord's praise. He bore the impression of the Savior's image on his heart, and exhibited the marks of divine grace in his life and conversation, with singular simplicity and unfeigned sincerity."—Legh Richmond speaking of The African Servant. This title is also called The Negro Servant. The Cottage Conversation is a narrative about contentment in poverty. A Visit to the Infirmary involves a dying old man that is very thankful and wants nothing more but grace to praise the Lord.

Paperback 6"X9", 2 illustrations, 54 pages. link; ISBN  9781935626251