The Dairyman's Daughter

The Dairyman's DaughterThe Dairyman's Daughter by Legh Richmond.

Rev. Legh Richmond became acquainted with Elizabeth Wallbridge, the Dairyman's Daughter, when he officiated the funeral of her sister. Elizabeth described how she turned from the vanity of dressing finely and clothed herself with humility of Christ. The visits and letters between them are recorded in this rich testimony of God's work. In 1828, it was reported that 4,000,000 copies of The Dairyman's Daughter were circulated in nineteen different languages, resulting in a multitude of saving graces. This is the unabridged version and includes a brief biography of Legh Richmond by Rev. John Ayre (1801-1869). Also included are reports of several visits to the Isle of Wight years afterward, one by Rev. James Milnor D. D.

Paperback, 5 illustrations, 121 pages. link; ISBN  9780981750569