Twelve Sermons on Vital Questions

Twelve Sermons on Vital QuestionsTwelve Sermons on Vital Questions by Charles H. Spurgeon.

Charles Spurgeon answers essential spiritual questions. Will God be merciful if we come to him? Are we worshiping for selfish reasons? Are we responsible for others in our teachings, example and sharing of the gospel? Do we truly "know" Christ, or do we only know doctrine and facts about Christ? Are we prepared to die? How do we obtain faith? Are we on the Lord's side in different life issues? and Do we really believe on the Son of God? These are deep questions believers and unbelievers would benefit by earnestly answering. The twelve sermons are titled: Who Can Tell?, God or Self—Which?, Am I Clear of His Blood?, Do You Know Him?, Are You Prepared to Die?, How Can I Obtain Faith?, For Whom Is the Gospel Meant?, Am I My Brother's Keeper?, On Whose Side Are You?, May I?, And Why Not Me?, And the Question of Questions.

Paperback 6X9, 232 pages. link; ISBN 9781941281017

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