Miniature Devotional Books

Miniature devotional books were very popular in the nineteenth century. These widespread books numbered in the hundreds and were often extended to many editions and publishers, which included The Religious Tract Society and The American Tract Society. Handy because of their pocket size, these meditation books were used by missionaries, servicemen and other Christians for guidance and inspiration.

     They were small in size, many were just over 2 by 3 inches. Some even smaller at just over 1 by 1 inch. They are described as having a 64mo size (2 X 3). The higher the number the smaller the book because it describes the number of times a large sheet of paper was folded. (The "mo" being part of the ending of the Latin word - sexagesimo-quarto.)




Friendship's Offering

Friendship's Offering: a sacred gift in verse and prose, embellished with engravings.

Published by Rock Brothers and Payne, London, 1848, 192 pages.


Living Water

 Living Water or Daily Droughts from the Fountain.

A book of daily Bible verses.

1836, 224 pages.


The Mosaic

The Mosaic.

By J. H. B.

Published by Breed, Butler & Co.,1861, 96 pages.

Quotations from Longfellow, Holmes, and others.


It is Well

It is Well; or, Faith's Estimate of Afflictive Dispensations.

Altered form the original work of Rev. John Hill.

By G. T. Bedell, D. D., Rector of St. Andrews Church, Philadelphia.

Published by Henry Perkins, 1834,109 pages.

Also published by Hamilton, Adams & Co., London, 1834.


Plain Texts for Daily Use

Plain Texts for Daily Use.

With Introduction by the Lord Bishop of Wakefield.

Also Introduction by Bishop of Bedford.

Published by Wells Gardner, Darton, and Co.


The Spiritual Help

The Spiritual Help.

Printed by J. C. Barlow, Birmingham, 1826.

Title page scripture:  O how love I thy law! it is my meditation all the day.—Psalm 119:97.


Self Employment in Secret

Self Employment in Secret.

By Rev. John Corbet.

Published by The Religious Tract Society, London, 106 pages.


Sacred Gift of Devout and Useful Sayings

The Sacred Gift of Devout and Useful Sayings.

By John Q. Preble.

Published by J. Buffum, Boston, 1851.

Also published by G. W. Cottrell, Boston, 1851, 96 pages.


Titles of Christ

Titles of Christ, selected from Scripture.

Published by The American Sunday School Union.