Miniature Devotional Books

Miniature devotional books were very popular in the nineteenth century. These widespread books numbered in the hundreds and were often extended to many editions and publishers, which included The Religious Tract Society and The American Tract Society. Handy because of their pocket size, these meditation books were used by missionaries, servicemen and other Christians for guidance and inspiration.

     They were small in size, many were just over 2 by 3 inches. Some even smaller at just over 1 by 1 inch. They are described as having a 64mo size (2 X 3). The higher the number the smaller the book because it describes the number of times a large sheet of paper was folded. (The "mo" being part of the ending of the Latin word - sexagesimo-quarto.)




The Dew of Hermon

The Dew of Hermon; a text of scripture and a verse of a hymn for every day in the year.

Published by Frederick Wayne & Company, London, 188 pages.


Daily Promises and Precepts

Daily Promises and Precepts.

Texts from the Bible. To which is added Sunday Register for a year.

Selected and arranged by the author of “Sunset Thoughts."

Published by Knight & Son, London, 1865.


The Morning and Evening Monitor

The Morning and Evening Monitor: containing a text from Holy Scripture and a verse of sacred poetry, for every morning and evening in the year: adapted to the constant use of Christians.

 Published by John Mason, 190 pages.


Bible Promises

Bible promises for every day: specially issued for the Sunday companion.

Bryce's thumb book of Bible promises. For every day of the year, each page contains a Bible Promise in large type.

Published by David Bryce & Son, 380 pages.


The Children's Bread

The Children's Bread; or, daily texts for the young.

Published by The Religious Tract Society, London, 1860, 128 pages.


Daily Prayers and Promises

Daily Prayers and Promises from the Holy Scriptures.

Passages of Scripture in prose.

Published by The Religious Tract Society.


Daily Verses

Daily Verses.

Passages of Scripture in verse, for every day in the year.

Published by The Religious Tract Society, London.


The Diamond Text Book

The Diamond Text Book.

A verse for every day of the year.

Published by S. D. Ewins. 128 pages. 1845.

Also published by Henry Brooks, London, 1847.


My Peace

My Peace.

A word for every day.

Contains a Bible verse for every day of the year.

Drummond's Tract Depot, Stirling.

Published by S. W. Partridge & Co., London. 1910.