Miniature Devotional Books

Miniature devotional books were very popular in the nineteenth century. These widespread books numbered in the hundreds and were often extended to many editions and publishers, which included The Religious Tract Society and The American Tract Society. Handy because of their pocket size, these meditation books were used by missionaries, servicemen and other Christians for guidance and inspiration.

     They were small in size, many were just over 2 by 3 inches. Some even smaller at just over 1 by 1 inch. They are described as having a 64mo size (2 X 3). The higher the number the smaller the book because it describes the number of times a large sheet of paper was folded. (The "mo" being part of the ending of the Latin word - sexagesimo-quarto.)




Daily Bread

Daily Bread for those who wait for the Lord.

The book consists of a morning and an evening verse.

Published by Hamilton, Adams and Co. London, 1833.


Daily Bread; or a texts of Scripture containing a Duty and a Promise for every day of the year.

Selected by a lady.

Published by L. and G. Seeley, 169 Fleet Street, London. 


The Christian's Daily Bread: a text book of Scriptural truths and promises, for every day in
the year.

Published by T. Nelson & Sons, 1853, 188 pages.



Guide for Little Footsteps

Guide for Little Footsteps.

or Sure Guide for Little Footsteps.

Bible verses for each day of the year, and verses and poems for each Sabbath.

by E. A. J.

Published by the American Sunday School Union, 71 pages.


Daily Light on the Daily Path

Daily Light on the Daily Path.

A Devotional for Every Day In The Year; In the very words of Scripture.

Two Volumes:

  • Vol. I. The Morning Hour.
  • Vol. Ii, The Evening Hour.

Published by Samuel Bagster & Sons, LTD, London.


Gems of Sacred Poetry

Gems of Sacred Poetry.

Published by The Religious Tract Society and The American Tract Society.

246 poems on 256 pages.


A Lamp for the Feet

A Lamp for the Feet.

By Harriet E. Dodge Jessup.

This is a verse book, in which every verse has been carefully selected and illustrated by an appropriate stanza, for every day of the year.

One Old Testament verse and one New Testament Verse and a verse of sacred poetry.

Published by the American Sunday School Union. 190 pages.


Words in Season for Young Disciples

Words in Season for Young Disciples; or, A text and a verse of a hymn for every day in the year.

Published by Thomas Nelson & Sons, London, 191 pages.

Also published by Massachusetts Sabbath School Society, Boston, 191 pages.


The Paths of Peace

The Paths of Peace; or, words of wisdom for young disciples.

Published in London, 1861.


The Believer's Daily Treasure

The Believer's Daily Treasure; or, texts of scripture, arranged for every day in the year.

Published by The American Tract Society. 1841. 192 pages.

Also published by Presbyterian Board of Education.

Aslo published by The Religious Tract Society. 187 pages.

It consists of a Bible verse and a hymn verse for every day in the year.

The title page has the Scripture verse: The law of thy mouth is better unto me than thousands of gold and silver.—Psalm 119:72.


Our Daily Light

Our Daily Light; or, Portions for the Lord's Household.

By the Reverend James Smith.

Published by Thomas Nelson and Sons, 191 pages.

Published by Eyre and Spottiswood, London.


Also in the series: Our Daily Light and Our Daily Food.