Miniature Devotional Books

Miniature devotional books were very popular in the nineteenth century. These widespread books numbered in the hundreds and were often extended to many editions and publishers, which included The Religious Tract Society and The American Tract Society. Handy because of their pocket size, these meditation books were used by missionaries, servicemen and other Christians for guidance and inspiration.

     They were small in size, many were just over 2 by 3 inches. Some even smaller at just over 1 by 1 inch. They are described as having a 64mo size (2 X 3). The higher the number the smaller the book because it describes the number of times a large sheet of paper was folded. (The "mo" being part of the ending of the Latin word - sexagesimo-quarto.)




A Threefold Cord

A Threefold Cord; or, A Precept, Promise, and Prayer, from The Holy Scriptures, for every day of the year.

Published by the Religious Tract Society and the American Tract Society.


Prayers and Promises

A Prayer and a Promise for every day of the year.

Printed at the Chiswick Press by Charles Whittingham.




The book consists of a Bible verse for every day of the year.

Published by the American Tract Society. 128 pages.


Provison for Passing Over Jordan

Provision for Passing over Jordan by Rev. John Scudder M.D.

John Scudder (1793-1851) was a medical missionary to Madras, India. He married Harriet Waterbury and had fourteen children, many of whom became missionaries.

Published by The American Tract Society in 1846.

The book consists of devotional thought.

Title page: Lord, now lettest thou thy servant depart in peace, according to thy word: for mine eys have seen thy salvation.—Luke 2:29-30.


Pressing Forward

Pressing Forward: Precepts, Promises and Admonitions.

Published by G. J. Galloway, London.

The book consists of a Bible verse for every day of the year.


The Mountain Daisy

The Mountain Daisy: A Daily Text for a Year.

Published by Andrew Stevenson, Edinburgh.128 pages.

The book consists of a Bible verse for every day of the year.


Our Daily Duty

Our Daily Duty; or, Food for Christian Pilgrims.

Published by T. Nelson and Sons, London, Edinburgh, and New York.191 pages.

The book consists of a Bible verse and a hymn verse for every day of the year.

Title page verse: Jeremiah 15:16—Thy words were found, and I did eat them.



Four Pearls from the Lord's Treasury

Four Pearls from the Lord's Treasury; or, Precept, Promise, Prayer and Praise, from the Holy Scriptures, for each day of the year.

Published by M. E. Munson, 77 Bible House, New York. 190 pages.

Also published by Palmer and Hughes, 62 and 64 Bible House, New York.


The Wedding Ring

The Wedding Ring.

Edited by J.S.A. (John Stowell Adams).

Published by J. Buffom, Boston, 1850, 96 pages.


The Ladies' Casket

The Ladies' Casket, containing a gem, together with its sentiment, and a poetical description for each day in the week, and each month of the year, by John Wesley Hanson. Published by Merrill and Straw or Merrill and Heywood, 1853, 152 pages.


or The Ladies' Casket; A gift of friendship for the young, by Anne T. Wilbur, published by Edward A. Rice, New York, 1846, 288 pages.