Miniature Devotional Books

Bible Forget-me-not Series

  • Bible Forget-me-nots - A daily book of divine promises decorated with Forget-me-nots.
  • Bible Heartsease - A daily book of comfort and rest decorated with Heartsease.
  • Golden Grain - A daily book decorated with Golden Ears of Corn.
  • Green Ears - A daily book for youth decorated with Green Ears of Corn.
  • Bible Immortelles - A daily book for mourners decorated with Everlasting Flowers.
  • Bible Sunflowers or, Looking unto Jesus - A daily book decorated with Sunflowers.
  • Bible Forget-me-not Casket - collection of the above six volumes.
  • Golden Triplet of Bible Promises - A case containing: Bible Forget-me-nots, Bible Heartsease, and Golden Grain.