Max Krömer, A Story of the Siege at Strasbourg by Hesba Stretton.

Max Krömer, a fourteen year old boy, relates the horrors of the Siege of Strasbourg in this work of historical fiction. The actual siege, during the 1870 Franco-Prussian War, consisted of surrounding the city and then bombing and starving the inhabitants, until they surrendered. In the story, Max and his sister Sylvie, went to their grandmother's house in Strasbourg while their father traveled. It was quite unknown to them they would have to endure six weeks of "the dreadful noise of the war." They looked to God for answers. An important verse is John 14:18—I will not leave you comfortless; I will come to you."


  • Chapter 1 — Our Home in Strasbourg
  • Chapter 2 — Elsie
  • Chapter 3 — Alone in a Crowd
  • Chapter 4 — Lisbeth's Attic
  • Chapter 5 — The First Shell
  • Chapter 6 — Our Night of Terror
  • Chapter 7 — A Grave in a Garden
  • Chapter 8 — Our Old House in Ruins
  • Chapter 9 — One of My Brothers
  • Chapter 10 — My Friend the Sergeant
  • Chapter 11 — The White Flag
  • Chapter 12 — The End of Our Troubles


  • Max Krömer – The narrator of the story, 14 years old.
  • Sylvie Krömer  – Ten year old sister.
  • Madame Krömer – Grandmother, father's mother.
  • Gretchen — the grandmother's servant.
  • Lisbeth Bernhard – boarder in the grandmother's house.
  • Elsie – Lisbeth's five year old little girl
  • Louise — the girl they found waiting for her mother.
  • Sergeant Klein — a soldier who lodged at the house and became a friend of Max.