The Children of Cloverley by Hesba Stretton. A sequel to Fern's Hollow.


A farm family lived by Lake Heron, during the Civil War. The father left home to fight in the war and the children were sent to Cloverley, England. The life with their cousins in Cloverley is an adjustment with less heavy labor and more education. The coal mining town is out of work until the new shaft is completed, but first the will of God must be trusted. The theme of the story is submission to the will of God in all things. An important verse is Matthew 6:10—"Thy will be done on earth, as it is done in heaven."


  • Chapter 1 — The Farm on Lake Huron
  • Chapter 2 — "Thy Will be Done"
  • Chapter 3 — Parting
  • Chapter 4 — Helmeth Lodge
  • Chapter 5 — Welcome to the Strangers
  • Chapter 6 — The Mother's Letter
  • Chapter 7 — Stephen Fern
  • Chapter 8 — A Visit to Fern's Hollow
  • Chapter 9 — A Little Child Shall Lead Them
  • Chapter 10 — Fears and Hopes
  • Chapter 11 — A Young "American Citizen"
  • Chapter 12 — The Little Intercessor
  • Chapter 13 — Softening Influences
  • Chapter 14 — Disappointment
  • Chapter 15 — An Hour at the Red Lion
  • Chapter 16 — Changes at Botfield
  • Chapter 17 — A Walk with Miss Reynolds
  • Chapter 18 — Dora's Troubles
  • Chapter 19 — A Snowstorm on the Heights
  • Chapter 20 — Lost!
  • Chapter 21 — Old Molly's Hut
  • Chapter 22 — Passing Away!
  • Chapter 23 — Good News
  • Chapter 24 — Father and Child
  • Chapter 25 — "Annie Bakewell's Schools"


  • Captain Bakewell — father who went into the American Civil War.
  • Elinor Bakewell — The wife of Captain Bakewell. The sister of Mr. Ludlow.
  • Ben Bakewell — the son and nephew of Anne Ludlow.
  • Annie Bakewell — the daughter and niece of Anne Ludlow.
  • Mr. Ludlow — an artist, owns the coal pits now. The parent of Gilbert and Dora. Uncle of Ben and Annie.
  • Mrs. Anne Ludlow — the niece of Mr. Wyley.
  • Mr. Wyley – Had built the Helmeth Lodge and used to own the coal fields at Bofield.
  • Gilbert — the son.
  • Dora — the daughter who helped her father paint.
  • Martha Fern – servant in the Ludlow household and sister to Stephen Fern.
  • Stephen Fern — 30 years old brother of Martha Fern. Bailiff of the coal pits. Overseer of the coal-fields.
  • Mary Fern — Stephen's wife.
  • Tim Cole — Friends of Stephen Fern. A head collier.
  • Bess Cole — Friends of Stephen Fern. Bess Thompson in Fern's Hollow.
  • Miss Deborah Reynolds — the reclusive woman who lived at Cloverley Old Hall.


"Every day this single, simple question was on Annie's conscience: 'Is this the will of my Father in heaven?' and if it were a duty to be done, she did it heartily as unto the Lord; or if it were a disappointment to be borne, she bore it patiently because it was His will; and thus she proved the truth of that saying of the Lord Jesus, 'Whosoever shall lose his life for My sake, shall save it.' For, by giving up and losing her own will, she gathered to her the love and tenderness of all who knew her."

Important Scriptures:

John 6:40—And this is the will of him that sent me, that every one which seeth the Son, and believeth on him, may have everlasting life: and I will raise him up at the last day.

Matthew 6:10—Thy will be done on earth, as it is done in heaven.

 A note on the connection between Fern's Hollow and The Children of Cloverley:

  Fern’s Hollow The Children of Coverley
Stephen Fern Moves into Fern’s Hollow. Still living at Fern’s Hollow.
Mary Fern Nothing about her. Stephen’s wife.
Bess Thompson Bess Thompson. Bess Cole – she married Tim Cole.
Miss Anne Miss Anne Mrs. Ludlow – she married Mr. Ludlow.
Mr. Wyley Dies. Just a memory.
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