A Miserable Christmas and a Happy New Year by Hesba Stretton.

Kate was a beautiful daughter who helped comfort her father’s patients. When the doctors assistant, Dr. Carey, took an interest in her, he sent a letter of his feelings. Unfortunate events started immediately. Mrs. Duffy was shot and taken to Dr. Carey’s Hospital and Kate and Philip barely talked. But the story was not over. Kate was learning that in order to bear her own burden well, it was necessary to share that of another. Another moral principle is the forgiveness of serious sin.—Curiosmith (2015).


  • Chapter 1 — Dr. Leyard's Daughter
  • Chapter 2 — Making People Happy
  • Chapter 3 — Mrs. Duffy's Christmas Joint
  • Chapter 4 — Attacked By a Robber
  • Chapter 5 — Within a Touch of Death
  • Chapter 6 — How Could He Be So Fickle
  • Chapter 7 — Its My Boy! Its my Johnny!
  • Chapter 8 — Will You Forgive Me Mother?
  • Chapter 9 — It's a Beautiful Christmas


  • Dr. Layard—the father.
  • Kate Leyard—the main character.
  • Philip Carey—the young doctor that liked Kate.
  • Mrs. Duffy—Kate's friend.
  • Bob—the carriage driver.
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