The Lucky Leg by Hesba Stretton.

Published in Charles Dicken's "Household Words," March 19, 1859.

A woman relates a story about an attractive woman with an amputated leg. Mary Wigley wanted to be married but despaired at her chances of being so. One day a strange man put an envelope in her hand and requested a meeting with him. Several correspondences and meetings later, he proposed. He invited them to his grand house in Manchester. He gave them a bunch of keys and told them to explore the house for a day, while he was gone. They looked through drawers and desks and closets but did not find anything unusual. Finally a mysterious closet was found that contained the secret of the gentleman's life. This story illustrates God's providential blessing in disability.—Curiosmith (2010).


  • Mary Wigley — a woman with an artificial leg.
  • Mrs. Wigley — the mother of Mary.
  • Frederick Williams — a man who likes Mary.


"We ought to be more patient under deprivations," added our minister's wife; "for who knows all the advantages of disadvantages?"

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