Pilgrim Street, a Story of Manchester Life by Hesba Stretton.


It was a rainy day in Manchester when little Phil went to the courthouse to try to free his wrongfully accused brother. But the judge told Tom about Jesus and gave him money to start a business. Tom prospered but then trouble developed in several ways. Tom struggled with a Christian religion that was stern obedience, with no grace from Christ. The concept of a loving heavenly father was difficult when all he knew was his natural father. A key Bible verse is Revelation 21:7: "He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be My son."—Curiosmith (2012).

"Pilgrim Street" is a story of Manchester life by Hesba Stretton, who is already favourably known by her other writings. It is a touching tale with a good moral, including sad pictures of misery and records of kindness.—Evangelical Christendom, Volume 40 (1886).

There is more adventure in this little story than is often met with in books of its kind. Some of the characters are extremely natural and well brought out: the policeman in particular is very good.—The Literary Churchman (1905).

The wholesome and clever story may be recommended to the buyers of religious tales. The moral is unexceptionable; and some of the illustrations are of more than ordinary artistic merit.—The Athenaeum (1905).

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  • Chapter 1 — A Brother's Search
  • Chapter 2 — Guilty or Not Guilty?
  • Chapter 3 — The Bill-Sticker's Testimony
  • Chapter 4 — Who Is Your Father?
  • Chapter 5 — The Feast in Pilgrim Street
  • Chapter 6 — The Policeman's Gospel
  • Chapter 7 — Bright Prospects
  • Chapter 8 — Tom in Business
  • Chapter 9 — Temptation, Fall and Flight
  • Chapter 10 — Tom's Friends
  • Chapter 11 — A Message from Heaven
  • Chapter 12 — Back to Pilgrim Street
  • Chapter 13 — An Unwelcome Re-Appearance
  • Chapter 14 — Upside Down
  • Chapter 15 — "My Father Is with Me"
  • Chapter 16 — Little Phil
  • Chapter 17 — A Day at Alderley
  • Chapter 18 — Fair Appearances
  • Chapter 19 — The Locked Door
  • Chapter 20 — The Fire at the Mill
  • Chapter 21 — Tom Goes Home
  • Chapter 22 — Pilgrim Place


  • Phil Haslam — little Phil, the younger brother.
  • Tom Haslam — the older brother.
  • Mr. Haslam — the father who was in jail.
  • Mr. Banner — the policeman.
  • Mr. Hope — the judge.
  • Mr. Worthington — the man who owns the mill.
  • Mrs. Worthington — Mr. Hope's sister, wife to Mr. Worthington.
  • Nathaniel Pendlebury — Nat, a bill-sticker friend.
  • Alice Pendlebury — Nat's wife, a good scholar.
  • Kitty Pendlebury — daughter who worked at the mill.
  • Polly — Pendlebury children.
  • Joey — Pendlebury children.
  • Colin — the dog at the mill.
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