Friends Till Death by Hesba Stretton. A short story.


A narrative of a sheepherder who lived with Bartle, the crippled brother of his wife who passes away. When a sheep was lost he went looking for it and fell and broke his leg in the middle of nowhere. When only his dog came home that night, Bartle went and got some men to look for him. During recovery he was homebound and strengthened his relationship with God and with Bartle.—Curiosmith (2010).

A touching little story.—Glasgow News (1877).

A very pretty and touching little story."—Edinburgh Courant (1877).

Contains six untitled chapters.


  • Andrew — a shepherd.
  • Alice — Andrew's wife.
  • Bartle — Alice's lame brother. A fine scholar that wants to marry.

Important Scripture:

Genesis 5:24—And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him.