Little Meg's ChildrenLittle Meg's Children by Hesba Stretton.

Ten year old Meg struggled to take care of the children until father's ship arrived. Over time, their belongings went to the pawnshop. Quite by accident, they met a friendly shopkeeper who fed and employed Little Meg. She developed faith that God answers prayer, and explained life accordingly to those around her. Published soon after Jessica's First Prayer, this story became very popular as well.—Curiosmith (2010).

A story equal to "Jessica's First Prayer" in simple pathos. What encomium can be higher? We confess to having gone upstairs for a dry handkerchief after reading this tale. The writer has the key of our heart.—The Sword and Trowel (1908).

There are many pathetic and touching incidents described; and we are sure that every thoughtful child who reads little Meg's troubles will receive a lesson for life—a greater sympathy for the poor.—The Weekly Review (1908).

An affecting tale, written with all the pathos which obtained for "Jessica's First Prayer.—The English Independent (1908). 


  • Chapter 1 — Motherless
  • Chapter 2 — Little Meg As A Mourner
  • Chapter 3 — Little Meg's Cleaning Day
  • Chapter 4 — Little Meg's Treat To Her Children
  • Chapter 5 — Little Meg's Neighbor
  • Chapter 6 — Little Meg's Last Money
  • Chapter 7 — Little Meg's Disappointment
  • Chapter 8 — Little Meg's Red Frock In Pawn
  • Chapter 9 — Little Meg's Friends In Need
  • Chapter 10 — Little Meg As Charwoman
  • Chapter 11 — Little Meg's Baby
  • Chapter 12 — The End Of Little Meg's Trouble
  • Chapter 13 — Little Meg's Father
  • Chapter 14 — Little Meg's Farewell


  • Meg—a ten year old little girl, the main character.
  • Peggy Fleming— Meg's mother who dies early in the story.
  • Robert Fleming—Meg's father, a sailor away from home.
  • Robin—six year old brother of Meg.
  • The Baby—Meg's other child.
  • Mr. Gregg—the landlord.
  • Kitty—the girl of the back attic, who had been in jail.
  • Mrs. Blossom—the shop owner.
  • Posy—Mrs. Blossom's estranged daughter.
  • Mr. George—Mrs. Blossom's lodger.

Important Scripture:

If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children: how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask Him!—Matthew 7:11. (KJV)

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