The Soul of Honour by Hesba Stretton.


The Religious Tract Society: "Phoebe Lincoln is the step-daughter of Christopher Lincoln, a promoter and director of a ring of public companies. By reckless speculation these companies fail, and bring want and misery on numbers of middle-class people who had trusted their hard-earned savings to them. Phoebe refuses to take possession of property which had been made over to her before the crash came. The plot is an ingenious one, and the reader's interest is arrested and sustained." (1908)

The Dundee Courier says: "Very well told is the story of crime, expiation, and ultimate happiness." (1908)

The Yorkshire Post says: "It is doubtful whether Hesba Stretton has ever done anything better in her quietly forcible way than the study of "David Palmer" in her latest book "The Soul of Honour." ' (1908)