• The African Servant, The Cottage Conversation, and A Visit to the Infirmary

    The African ServantThe African Servant, The Cottage Converstation and A Visit to the Infirmary by Legh Richmond.

    Legh Richmond was called upon by a naval officer, who had an African servant that desired to be baptized. He proceeded to interview William and found that he had a firm grasp of Christian principals and was indeed worthy of baptism. Impressed with his simple sincere religion, Rev. Richmond took him to a meeting with other Christians. He spoke of his unworthiness and all hearts warmed to him. "This I do know, he was a monument to the Lord's praise. He bore the impression of the Savior's image on his heart, and exhibited the marks of divine grace in his life and conversation, with singular simplicity and unfeigned sincerity."—Legh Richmond speaking of The African Servant. This title is also called The Negro Servant. The Cottage Conversation is a narrative about contentment in poverty. A Visit to the Infirmary involves a dying old man that is very thankful and wants nothing more but grace to praise the Lord.

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  • The Dairyman's Daughter

    The Dairyman's DaughterThe Dairyman's Daughter by Legh Richmond.

    Rev. Legh Richmond became acquainted with Elizabeth Wallbridge, the Dairyman's Daughter, when he officiated the funeral of her sister. Elizabeth described how she turned from the vanity of dressing finely and clothed herself with humility of Christ. The visits and letters between them are recorded in this rich testimony of God's work. In 1828, it was reported that 4,000,000 copies of The Dairyman's Daughter were circulated in nineteen different languages, resulting in a multitude of saving graces. This is the unabridged version and includes a brief biography of Legh Richmond by Rev. John Ayre (1801-1869). Also included are reports of several visits to the Isle of Wight years afterward, one by Rev. James Milnor D. D.

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  • The Rev. Legh Richmond's Letters and Counsels to His Children

    Legh Richmond's Letters to His ChildrenThe Rev. Legh Richmond's Letters and Cousels to His Children by Legh Richmond and Fanny Richmond.

    Selected from His Memoir and “Domestic Portraiture” with an Account of the Closing Scene of His Life Written by His Daughter Fanny Richmond

    Legh Richmond imparts wisdom to his children through letters which include lists of good behavior, topical studies and poems. Amidst the swirl of life with twelve children he pleas for closer relationships and hearts that love God. Occasions like birthdays, marriages, ministry, sickness, and death, add gravity to his sentiments. While his counsel is wisdom for children, his loving caring attitude is a good example for parents. The letter from his daughter Fanny recounts Rev. Richmond’s last days. It reveals a father who left letters in their rooms as the preferred method of communication. Fanny states that he was a sensitive person who had an excellent perception of the beauty of the outdoors. She closed her letter with her hope for his legacy because “the seed of the righteous is not forsaken.”

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  • The Young Cottager

    The Young CottagerThe Young Cottager by Legh Richmond.

    Jane Squibb, a twelve year old, attended Saturday afternoon instruction at Rev. Legh Richmond's house. He used the graves in the churchyard and the beauty of nature to teach the children about God. Jane was little noticed until she became sick, then Rev. Richmond decided to visit her constantly. Little Jane's spiritual maturity exhibited an affectionate seriousness and a knowledge of the Scriptures. "He not only called her as a child to show, by a similitude, what conversion means, but he also called her by his grace to be a vessel of mercy, and a living witness of that almighty power and love by which her own heart was turned to God."—Legh Richmond. This extended edition includes rich scenery descriptions and three illustrations. The appendix includes reports of two visits to the Isle of Wight years afterward, one by Dr. James Milnor, D. D.    

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