• Christ a Complete Saviour

    Christ a Complete SaviourChrist a Complete Saviour: The Intercession of Christ and Who Are Privileged in It by John Bunyan. Notes by George Offor.

    John Bunyan praises the many merits of the intercession of Christ. He defines intercession as "the finishing work of a sinner's salvation." Justification and preservation are examined as the benefits of Christ's intercession. Newly awakened Christians, backsliders, and sincere Christians are analyzed as people interested in coming to Christ. The eternal nature of Christ is safety and certainty for the believer. The reader is exhorted to diligently learn and teach others the truth of Jesus Christ. This is the George Offor text with his Introduction and notes.

    Paperback 6X9, 112 pages. Amazon.com link; ISBN  9781935626190

  • In Christ Jesus

    In Christ JesusIn Christ Jesus: The Sphere of the Believer's Life by Arthur T. Pierson.

    This book explores seven characteristics of being "In Christ Jesus." These themes include a Christian being "justified" as shown in Romans; "sanctified" as shown in the Corinthian letters; crucified (to the world) as shown in Galatians; "ascended with Christ" as shown in Ephesians; "satisfied" as shown in Philippians; "complete" as shown in Colossians; and "glorified" as shown in the Thessalonian letters. "If there be one truth of the Gospel that is fundamental, and underlies all else, it is this: A new life in Christ Jesus."

    Paperback 6X9, 108 pages. Amazon.com link;ISBN  9781935626626

  • Our Sympathizing High Priest: Meditations on the Daily Sorrows of the Saviour

    Our Sympathizing High PriestOur Sympathizing High Priest by A.L.O.E. (Charlotte Maria Tucker)

    Twelve devotional meditations encourage believers in their difficulties. Christ endured many trials while He walked this earth and thus He knows our afflictions. We can find sympathy and comfort in His fellowship. The twelve topics such as family trials, weariness and anticipation of evil; explain how a believer can find support relating to the experiences of Christ. Each chapter includes an appropriate hymn.

    Paperback 6X9, 60 pages. ISBN  9781935626350; Amazon.com link

  • The Blood of Jesus

    The Bood of JesusThe Blood of Jesus by William Reid M.A.

    “The sole ground of a sinner’s peace with God is ‘the blood of Jesus.’” “The book contains a plain, full, clear, and straightforward statement of the Gospel method of salvation, as laid down in the Word of God; and has the merit of presenting the Gospel in all its freeness and freshness.” “We never do good works until we do them because we are saved, not in order to be so. A lively sense of many sins forgiven will make us love much and show it practically.”

    Paperback 6X9, 106 pages, Amazon.com link, ISBN 9781941281628

  • The Excellency of Christ

    The Excellency of ChristThe Excellency of Christ by Jonathan Edwards.

    The Excellency of Christ was preached in Northampton, Massachusetts by Jonathan Edwards and printed in 1738. This sermon explains Christ's excellency in terms of almost contradictory conjunctions such as Christ being a lion and also a lamb at the same time. In the APPLICATION the reader is exhorted to love and embrace Christ as friend, portion and Savior because of His many excellencies.

    Paperback 8X5.25, 70 pages. Amazon.com link; ISBN  9781935626466

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  • The Glorious Sufficiency of Christ

    The Glorious Sufficieny of ChristThe Glorious Sufficiency of Christ by Cornelius Tyree.

    The "sufficiency of Christ" meets every possible need to both a believer's salvation and sanctification. "He not only fully saves them from sin, but secures to them ineffably greater glory, honor, and immortality than they would have inherited had they not fallen." This book written in 1879, discusses the importance of the Gospel and the fullness of Christ, a theme that belongs to Christians of all times. Dr. Tyree gets to the point by saying "study, not Christianity, but Christ; ponder, not redemption, but the Redeemer, not salvation, but the living, moving Savior, that was, and is, and ever will be, and the mind will be convinced, and the heart savingly won to him."

    "Many plans are proposed, such as fasting, prayer, self-examination, and exertions to do good. But of all means, for the thorough and speedy improvement of our religious character, habitual application to the fullness of Christ is the most efficacious. The best means of religious growth is the continuance of the same faith that secures to the soul pardon and regeneration."

    This book also contains the sermon The Benefits of Affliction by Cornelius Tyree.

    Paperback 6X9, 106 pages. Amazon.com link; ISBN  9781935626572

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  • The Lord Our Righteousness

    The Lord Our RighteousnessThe Lord Our Righteousness by George Whitefield.

    "Whoever is acquainted with . . . the propensity of his own heart . . . must acknowledge that self-righteousness is the last idol that is rooted out of the heart . . . it is natural for us all to have recourse to a covenant of works, for our everlasting salvation." This sermon explores the doctrine of the righteousness of Jesus Christ being imputed to mankind, taken from the text of Jeremiah 23:6. It explains who the Lord is and how He is man's righteousness. Four objections are covered and also the ill consequences of denying this doctrine. Finally an exhortation for all to come to faith in Christ. The "Lord Our Righteousness" is one of George Whitefield's most popular sermons.

    Paperback 5.25X8, 36 pages. Amazon.com link; ISBN 9781935626589

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  • The Work of Jesus Christ as an Advocate

    The Work of Jesus Christ as an AdvocateThe Work of Jesus Christ As an Advocate by John Bunyan. Notes by George Offor.

    There is great relief and comfort to Christians that have sinned, to contemplate the office of Jesus Christ as an Advocate. John Bunyan says: "God's people are baffled with the devil for want of a distinct knowledge of Christ in all his offices." He presents a courtroom drama of Christians who have sinned, against Satan who is making accusations before the Father. He explores the where, how, what, when, with whom, and for whom in this exposition of 1 John 2:1; "And if any man sin, we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous."  This edition is the George Offortext which includes his introduction and footnotes.

    Paperback, 138 pages. Amazon.com link; ISBN  9781935626091