Enoch Roden's Training by Hesba Stretton. Also called The Young Apprentice.


Enoch Roden began his apprenticeship in printing with a bad accident, but as the story progresses, his training becomes more spiritual. Mr. Drury, his boss, trusted in God's provision for his business but when business went bad, it led to confession of his faults. Enoch questioned his attitude of despising God's daily gifts, thinking he was in rebellion like the Israelites. Trusting God's providence when it doesn't seem like He is paying attention is a training many go through. An important verse is Psalm 37:7—"Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for him."—Curiosmith (2013).


  • Chapter 1 — Ambition
  • Chapter 2 — First Day of Apprenticeship
  • Chapter 3 — Esther's Silver Salver
  • Chapter 4 — Debt and Dishonor
  • Chapter 5 — Farewell
  • Chapter 6 — Titus Runs Away to Sea
  • Chapter 7 — Lucy's New Home
  • Chapter 8 — Enoch's Challenge
  • Chapter 9 — Preparing for the Workhouse
  • Chapter 10 — Work for Enoch
  • Chapter 11 — Mistakes
  • Chapter 12 — Susan in Doubt
  • Chapter 13 — Granny's Last Charge
  • Chapter 14 — Is Prayer Answered?
  • Chapter 15 — Sympathy in Hill's Close
  • Chapter 16 — Titus in Melbourne
  • Chapter 17 — Dr. Johnson's Dinner-Party
  • Chapter 18 — Help Coming
  • Chapter 19 — The Prodigal's Return
  • Chapter 20 — Enoch's First Sermon


  • Enoch Roden — a 14 year old young man starting out in his life work.
  • Mrs. Susan Roden — The mother of Titus and Enoch.
  • John Roden — Susan's deceased husband.
  • Titus Roden — a son of Susan, a cabinetmaker, who goes to Australia.
  • Old Mrs. Margaret Roden — the grandmother, mother of John Roden.
  • Mr. Drury — the owner of the "Shawbury News" printing office.
  • Esther Drury — Mr. Drury's 17 year old eldest daughter.
  • Lucy Lavender — Esther's grandmother's name.
  • Lucy Lavender Drury — daughter of Mr. Drury, 10 years old, niece to Mr. Tracey.
  • Mr. Tracey — half-brother to Mrs. Drury, a lawyer.
  • Mrs. Harper — kept the school.

Important Scriptures:

  • Luke 12:7—But even the very hairs of your head are all numbered.
  • Psalm 37:7—Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for him.


"For he began to consider now that the Bible not only taught him to trust in God, and to cast all his cares upon him, but, also, not to be slothful in business, and to do whatsoever his hand found to do with all his might. The first he had done; but the other he had left undone; and as he felt himself getting more and more into debt, and knew that the time was drawing rapidly near when he must tell his creditors that he could not pay their just demands, the thought weighed heavily upon him that he should bring dishonor upon the name of Christ, and give occasion to the enemies of true religion to scoff at them who call themselves Christians."