The Parables Of Our Lord by Hesba Stretton.

Every reader of children's literature is familiar with the name and work of Miss Hesba Stretton, whose "Jessica's First Prayer" has undoubtedly been one of the most widely read modern books printed in the English language. Miss Hesba Stretton has, however, been writing in another vein, and in this volume she deals successfully with each of the parables of our Lord. Miss Stretton does not concern herself with questions of scholarship or with conflicting interpretations; she is content to draw out the meaning of our Lord's teaching in plain and forcible language, exhibiting at once great insight and powers of application.—Religious Tract Society (1904).

Whilst often she has to state the obvious and familiar interpretation of a parable, her readers are again and again rewarded with some helpful, original little bit of exposition of her own.—The Christian World (1904).

It is a valuable addition to Bible literature.—The Westminster Gazette (1904).

The comments are commended by their simplicity, directness, and lucidity.—The Athenaeum (1904).