Alone in London by Hesba Stretton.


James Oliver lived alone in London and worked in his newspaper shop. He had an unusually open relationship with Jesus, whom he talked to as a personal friend. One day he found Dolly, a little girl, alone in the shop. Tony, a street boy, had fended for himself and needed a place to sleep at night. These three isolated people came together and formed a family. Tension came between Oliver who wanted to care for the downtrodden, and Aunt Charlotte who wanted to maintain a life of respectability. An important verse is Matthew 25:40: "Inasmuch as ye did it to one of the least of these, ye did it unto me."—Curiosmith (2013).

A sweet and touching little book for children, and, if it does not make them cry, it will give the parents a good opportunity to lift their hearts with gratitude to that God who careth for them.—The Weekly Review (1908)

This is another pathetic story by the author of "Jessica's First Prayer." Since the days of Mrs. Sherwood, no lady writer has done better for youthful readers than Hesba Stretton.—The Baptist Magazine (1905).


  • Chapter 1 — Not Alone
  • Chapter 2 — Waifs and Strays
  • Chapter 3 — A Little Peacemaker
  • Chapter 4 — Old Oliver's Master
  • Chapter 5 — Forsaken Again
  • Chapter 6 — The Grasshopper a Burden
  • Chapter 7 — The Prince of Life
  • Chapter 8 — No Pipe for Old Oliver
  • Chapter 9 — A New Broom and a Crossing
  • Chapter 10 — Highly Respectable
  • Chapter 11 — Among Thieves
  • Chapter 12 — Tony's Welcome
  • Chapter 13 — New Boots
  • Chapter 14 — In Hospital
  • Chapter 15 — Tony's Future Prospects
  • Chapter 16 — A Bud Fading
  • Chapter 17 — A Very Dark Shadow
  • Chapter 18 — No Room for Dolly
  • Chapter 19 — The Golden City
  • Chapter 20 — A Fresh Day Dawns
  • Chapter 21 — Polly


  • James Oliver – News agent and owner of the shop.
  • Charlotte – James sister who did sewing.
  • Dolly – the little girl found in Oliver's shop.
  • Tony – 10 year old street-boy.
  • Mr. Ross — a benevolent helper of Tom.
  • Beppo – Dolly's dog.                                                           
  • Clever Dog Tom — a street-boy thief.

Important Scripture verse:

Matthew 25:40—Inasmuch as ye did it to one of the least of these, ye did it unto me.

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